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Chow at Ponce City Market

Tuesday, October 15

We're joining forces with MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) and Ponce City Market for a very special Chow Club featuring Nigerian Chef, Wellington Onyenwe! 

Tickets available at the MODA website. 


Macallan Manor

October 17 & 18

We're giving away free tickets to this exclusive event -- but only to Chow Club members. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list. 


Taiwanese Chow

November 15 & 16

Tickets are now available for our November Chow Club dinner! See the full menu below!

Taiwanese Chow

November 15 & 16

Join us for a taste of Taiwan with Fu-Mao Sun




GuoHua Salad


Inspired by the famous “eating” street in Tainan, Taiwan, my mother would make her sour and sweet version with rice wine vinegar, soy, and herbs. Smoked tofu mixed with tropical fruit, sliced napa cabbage, golden raisins, and crushed roasted peanuts tossed with sesame and herb dressing 

Vegan & GF

Scallion Pancake Bread (蔥油煎餅)


Whenever my mother had leftover dough from making dumplings, she would make Taiwanese crispy scallion pancakes which we always seem to have room in our stomachs for after a dumpling feast. My version is made with a yeasted dough and glazed with sweet soy. Smoked pork belly with scallion served with soy glaze with kewpie mayo and chili butter

Vegan version - No Pork Belly

GF - Butter Lettuce, Smoked Pork Belly, Scallion, Garlic

Flys Head (蒼蠅頭)


Please don’t be deterred by the name! The fly’s head refers to the fermented black bean in this traditional Taiwanese stir-fry dish. Growing up in my household, meat was never the highlight of any meal, but when available we were told to eat so we could grow “big and strong.” Marinated ground pork, sliced chive bud, fermented black bean, and birdeye chili served with rice 

Vegan version - No Pork

GF version - uses Tamari Soy Sauce

Pea Shoots (蒜蓉炒豆苗)


My mother loves to stir-fry watercress with lots of garlic. But when we moved to rural Massachusetts watercress was hard to find, so she would pretty much cook up any leafy green edible vegetable she could find. I like to use pea shoots because they’re delicious and also have the subtle pea flavor with the crunchiness from the stems. Pea shoots sauteed in roasted sesame oil, sliced garlic, and rice wine, topped with fried shallots

Lu Rou Fan (滷肉飯)


My mother would always have a pot of Lu Rou Fan on the stovetop.  She used a “mother” sauce to braise ground pork and belly for hours, and then would use the sauce for other noodle or rice dishes. This traditional Taiwanese dish is made  with ground pork in the north and sweet diced pork belly in the south. Braised diced pork belly cooked with shiitake mushrooms, pickled daikon and soy sauce egg, served over rice

Vegan version - Tofu

GF - uses Tamari Soy Sauce

Dou Hua (豆腐花)


This traditional Chinese street food is a dessert made from silken tofu. I had always disliked tofu until I tried  this deliciously sweet dessert version, from a street vendor in Chinatown NYC when I was a teen. Silken soy, peanut butter granola, sweet ginger syrup, and tropical fruit

About the Chef

Fu-Mao Sun

I was born in New York City and raised in Western Massachusetts.  I am of Chinese ethnicity but both sets of my grandparents fled from China following the war.  My mothers parents went to Taiwan, while my father's parents went to South Korea.  Both parents eventually ending up in America to study.  I went to college to study finance and worked in the industry, but ended up pursuing my passion in the culinary field.  I relocated with my family to Atlanta a few years ago.


Our Nepalese Chow is sold out. If you'd like to be added to our waiting list, email us at . chowclubatl@gmail.com. Please let us know which night and how many tickets. 

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