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Both our Puerto Rican Dinners (Feb 15 & 16) are our Lao Chow (March 1 & 2) are sold out. 

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Gullah Geechee Brunch


Muscadine Wine Mimosa

My homemade Bronze Muscadine Wine mixed with fresh orange juice. 

Oyster Bisque

During the the winter months, my cousins and I would go out gather oysters on the nearby beaches. The deal was, if we gathered them, my mom would make this luscious concoction for the family. This divinely delicious stew is comprised of oysters, cream, fresh veggies and oyster liquor. Vegetarian Option:  Potato Soup

Cheddar & Chives Drop Biscuits

No Gullah meal is complete without bread of some kind. These biscuits are a the perfect accompaniment for this stew; the perfect size for dunking. Comprised of simple yet delicious ingredients like flour, butter, cheese and fresh chives.

Shrimp & Tada Salad

Before modern conveniences, all of the ingredients for this salad were either caught or planted on the family land.   This salad encompasses what Gullah cuisine is all about! Fresh local shrimp, potatoes, mayo and other fresh local ingredients. Vegetarian Option: plain potato salad (no shrimp)

Salmon Croquettes

Salmon croquettes are an African American and southern food favorite. Depending on your family history, salmon croquettes have several other names including salmon patties, salmon cakes and salmon patty. The names may be slightly different but one thing remains the same; they're delicious! Vegetarian Option: Mushroom & Black bean patties

Garlic Cheese Grit Casserole

A classic southern grits recipe made with stone grits, 3 different cheeses, garlic and cream topped with even more cheese! Then it’s baked until crispy and golden around the edges.

Homemade Corned Beef Hash

Corned beef, onions, peppers and garlic combined sauteed with red-skinned potatoes until light crispy perfection! This is must have at our family table every weekend morning for breakfast!Vegetarian Option: Home fried potatoes & veggies

Bread Puddin’

This deliciously scrumptious dessert is another Southern African American favorite and has many variations. My grandmother would make this dessert several times during the month. Simply made with “light bread” aka white bread, cream, cinnamon, sugar, eggs cream, vanilla and some other secret ingredients; mixed together and baked until golden brown. She never used recipes so luckily I watched her enough to remember how she made this yummy dessert.

Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. 

with Chef Pamela Jones

Sunday, March 24 at 11am

$50 per person

The secret location will be sent to ticket holders the week of the event. 

About the Chef

Pamela Jones

Pamela D. Jones was born and raised in Cross, South Carolina a little town 30 miles outside of the Gullah Region in Charleston, S.C. Pamela has always had a love for cooking since childhood. Being the oldest of four girls and having two working parents, she was held responsible for preparing meals for her 3 younger sisters. After graduating from Morris College where she received her B.S. in Business Administration, she moved to Atlanta, GA where she has lived for the past 24 years. 

Pamela’s love for cooking has stayed with her as she always hosted Sunday dinners at house. After much encouragement from family and friends Pamela decided to start her own catering business and thus Taste of Satira was born. Her catering business offers boutique catering services, along with weekly meal preparation and basic cooking skills. She named her business after her great-grandmother Satira Gethers. Pamela remembers watching her great-grandmother in kitchen as a little girl teaching her 8 aunts how to prepare Gullah cuisine.

Pamela loves to explore all different kinds of cuisines but she always goes back to her roots of Gullah Geechee cuisine. Preparing the food that her grand mother & great-grandmother taught her and her daughters, always reminds her of family and how much her family enjoyed preparing and sharing meals together. Pamela has adopted her great-grandmother’s mantra “Let me love you with my food!”


Bulgarian Chow

April 5 & 6 at 7pm

Join us as we travel to Bulgaria with Maya Pencheva. Never had Bulgarian food before? Neither had we, but we're big fans now! Bulgaria cuisine shares similarities with Persian, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. But don't take our word for it.... try for yourself!

$50 per person


The secret location will be sent to ticket holders the week of the event. 


Bulgarian Chow: April 5 & 6

Сок от Бъз


Elderberry Ice Tea

Elderflower isn’t just for cold and flu remedies! At home, my father would make this drink from scratch every summer. You may want to bring champagne, vodka or gin to create your own cocktail.

Mлечна салата, кьопоолу и бабините соленки


Yogurt salad, eggplant-pepper spread, and grandma’s cheese sticks

This combo is a perfect combination of colors and flavors! The creamy yogurt salad (yogurt mixed with diced cucumbers, walnuts, and fresh dill) compliments the garlicy eggplant-pepper spread (eggplant, roasted peppers, garlic and parsley). My grandma’s cheese sticks are the perfect utensil to sample both dips.
Vegetarian. Gluten-free and vegan options are available upon request. 

Шопска салата и Ракия


Shopska Salad with a shot of Rakia

This salad is a national dish of Bulgaria. Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and roasted peppers, are topped with green onions, parsley, and Bulgarian feta cheese (much creamier than its Greek cousin). Typically, the salad course is the longest course as we leisurely talk with friends and sip on rakia, the national drink of Bulgaria. There is no gathering without this grape brandy. NAZDRAVE! (for good health)!
Vegetarian and gluten-free. Vegan version available upon request. 

Българска мусака


Bulgarian Moussaka 

My mother taught me how to cook this classic Bulgarian dish. The base of diced potatoes, ground beef & pork, onions, and tomatoes is topped with a layer of eggs, yogurt, and touch of flour. Garnished with creamy dressing of yogurt, made from Bulgarian yogurt starter.
Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free versions available upon request. 




My true passion is baking, so I’m happy to share two of my favorite desserts with you. Tikvenik is a typical Christmas Eve dish, that can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert. These rolls of handmade filo dough, are filled with shredded pumpkin, cinnamon, sugar, and walnuts.
Vegetarian & Vegan.  Gluten-free desserts available upon request. 

пясъчна сладка


Sandy Cookie

I’ve made sandy cookies so many times throughout the years, that they’ve become my signature cookies that everyone loves, and always wants more! The jam center are the star of these buttery cookies.
 Vegetarian. Vegan and gluten-free desserts available upon request. 

About the chef

Maya I. Pencheva

Maya grew up in Sopot, a beautiful mountain town, in the middle of Bulgaria and a part of the famous Rose Valley. Her most cherished childhood memories were spending her summer school breaks with her grandmothers. Maya would wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread in the oven and the sound of ingredients being chopped for the next meal preparation. 

“My grandmas were my first teachers and both imbedded the joy of cooking for the rest of my life,” says Maya. “Even in my day to day life, I use a combination of my grandmas’ and my parents’ recipes. 

Maya loves to when she’s cooking, but her real passion is baking. She worked at a bakery and a restaurant in Bulgaria, where she picked up different tricks and techniques in the kitchen. Currently, Maya is majoring in Biology at University of South Carolina Aiken.

Maya is excited to cook for Chow Club.

“In my opinion, the food is the most easy bridge people can cross and experience different cultures,” she says. 

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